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MyStyle Buddy wants to help you in every way possible when it comes to styling you for your branded photoshoot and all from the comfort of your own home!

Did you know that a branded photoshoot can play a huge role in influencing your ideal client’s decision when they are choosing between you and your competitors?

Branded shoots can also help boost your business by enabling you to stand out from the crowd, help you look professional, and create genuine connections with you and your customers.

If you’re thinking “I want a piece of that pie”, understand this: humans are visual creatures.

It takes us one-tenth of a second to make a first impression…so getting your styling sussed is crucial if you want to get the most of your photoshoot.

But what if you’re clueless when it comes to clothes?

Baffled by branding?

Unsure what even suits you nowadays?

Or perhaps you’d just love a second opinion of your style?

Well, ladies, you’re in the right place. I’ve had countless success stories of helping female entrepreneurs like you explore what suits their body shape and colouring. I share tried and tested methods to ensure that you to show up on your shoot as the best version of you.

With my help, you can feel empowered, confident, and comfortable in your outfit choice for your big day and beyond. (Much of the style secrets I will share with you can easily be adapted to your everyday outfits.)

Choose from one of my 3 exclusive packages to meet your individual needs - giving you the confidence to show up on your shoot (and in your everyday life) as the best version of you.

You only get one chance at a first impression… what do you want yours to be?


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