Wardrobe Declutter

Wardrobe Declutter

£ 200.00



Is your wardrobe full and nearly busting at the seams? But you still got ‘nothing to wear’? Then this service is ideal for you!

I will guide you through how to re-organise, detox and refresh your wardrobe, put outfits together and provide you with storage solutions on how to maximise space.

Service includes the following:

  • Wardrobe declutter & cleanse
  • Assess the clothes you currently have
  • Identify items that no longer work for you
  • Discover new outfit combinations
  • Find missing gaps in your wardrobe
  • Tips on how to organise your wardrobe so its practical for you
  • Expert Style Tips
  • Learn to accessorise
  • Create a shopping list of items that are essential staples for your wardrobe
  • Advise storage solutions and create extra space
  • My honest and expert opinion
  • Following on from this session an email highlighting points we have discussed and shopping list
  • Via a video call or virtual platform
 Get in touch today and let’s get you organised.
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