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Firstly, thank you for taking the time out to visit my website. MyStyle Buddy all started with my love, passion, and interest in style. Years ago, I always found myself looking at what others were wearing and admiring different senses of style. Pinterest wasn't about back in the late 90s so I didn't have anywhere to capture these outfits but notice boards with pins were all the rage! Magazine articles would serve as my inspiration whilst I saved money, before scouring the shops looking for the perfect outfit. Shopping is my all-time favorite hobby! (At times an expensive hobby!) I always like to find a bargain and my challenge is never having to pay full price for something!

Sadly, in my younger years, I had little control over my sense of style, I'm guessing that is with most of us, right?!  This meant wearing dresses on top of jumpers, oversized jackets, and sandals with socks! I seized control in my late teens and whilst it took me some years to find my very own sense of style, by my early twenties when I started working for Next - I knew what worked for me, large prints, bold colours, and chunky accessories.  I had the ability to see things not just what they are on the hanger but a vision to see things on and gauge what goes well together.

The reason why I have created this service is that I wanted to help women feel good about themselves, empower them, and be the best version of themselves through style. For me, every time I put on a flattering, well-fitted outfit, I get a boost in confidence. It has a huge impact on my mindset and how I handle the day.

Funnily enough, clothes is so much more than just something to cover our bodies with, if we wear the right clothes for our body shapes it has such a positive effect on our mood, motivation, confidence, and how we interact with others. So, let me make a difference in your life and let me find you or your loved ones the perfect outfit and save you time and money at the same time!

Reena Mistry


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